[urq] Latest on the Sport Hoods!

W Stedman wstedman at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 14 16:02:11 EDT 2007

I told everyone I would still try to help out on this even thoe I got my hood!

So here is the latest info I have from my conversation with Fiber Images.

They still have the 3 hoods sitting in there shop from when I was there a few months ago and he is still waiting for the OK to release them to whoever is next in line.

He has not heard anything from Chris or Ed from Automecanica  since I picked up my hood a few months back!!!

He also told me  to date  he has not received any further instructions or money to finish the hood order.

So it sounds pretty fishy to me that they would be asking for extra a extra $50 from everyone in order to complete the hoods??

I am so sorry to have to post this info for everyone but please r ember I am not the bad guy here just the guy giving you all the bad news.........

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