[urq] My car seems really slow now

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Jun 19 10:44:51 EDT 2007

I actually recall, I'm 99% sure, that the sales brochure claimed 0-50
(yes 50) in 5.3 secs.  Reason I think I remember this is back in '90 or
so when the DSM Talons etc were hot - I recall them being rated at about
5.9 secs 0-60- and I was all excited that my beloved turbo quattro coupe
as I called them back then was faster at 5.3 secs - til I realized that
was only 0-50....so that was a letdown...

So that is my 17 year old recollection....


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I was just reading the July issue of Winding Road --  which I highly  
recommend you download/subscribe to/ read online -- whatever.  It's a  
free webzine founded by David E. Davis.  Anyhow, the editor there has  
soft spot for Audi coupes and they tested the S5, so why not a  
history of Audi coupes?  I found one glaring error from the start  
(page 55).  The Urq, with it's 2974 lb curb weight and 160 hp would  
make 0-60 in 5.3 seconds (must'a meant kilometers).  Especially since  
the 2862 lb Sortquattro with 306 hp on tap did 0-60 in 4.8 seconds :- 
D  He, he.  Entertaining nonetheless.


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