[urq] '84 re-post on ebay

ECP4NOW at aol.com ECP4NOW at aol.com
Tue Jun 19 22:46:21 EDT 2007

Hey Geoff,
One or both of these ads are scams....
What is the deal on scams under $3,000 ?  I have run into a couple of  scams 
for BMW motorcycles for $2,900.... and now this Ur-Q for $2,600...   is there 
some reason for the price.  I know that under international law...  $10,000 or 
greater attracts attention, but can't figure out the under  $3,000.
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Subject: [urq] '84 re-post on ebay
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no affiliation.
now i'm getting  the feeling this is a scam.
seller added a note that the buy-it-now  was 2600 but didn't activtate the 

new auction with zero description of condition.

old  auction.  read the Q&A for a laugh


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