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I asked to come look at this car... This is the response I got this morning:

  I'm really sorry for this late reply but I've been very busy lately and away from a computer.People think it's real funny to bid on a car and not pay for it and I have removed the auction because I had an agreement with a potential buyer.This person, which I do not know who it is has no answer to my repeated e-mails.I do not know what to do. The total price including shipping cost and insurance charges is $2,600 (shipping is payed in advance by me). The price is considerably lower then others on the market because I need to sell it really fast.The car has all the services done at the dealership. The vehicle was never crashed. I always garaged it and serviced it, kept very good care of it!. The vehicle is currently located in Marietta, GA but unfortunately I am in New York planning to open a business here and I don't think I can come sooner then next month. However I can arrange for the paperworks from here and I can talk to a shipping company to deliver the vehicle to your address.I think it's impossible to buy a vehicle for such a big amount without having an inspection first. So I had a look on eBay and I saw they could help us with this. Since the transaction worths a lot of money they've suggested to make the deal only through eBay so that we won't have any problems.If you decide to buy all the papers are ready,just needed to be signed by you. 
If you agree with these terms, please send me your full name, home and shipping address, ebay ID so I can register the transaction with eBay asap.
Thank you and i will wait for your email, 

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 no affiliation.
 now i'm getting the feeling this is a scam.
 seller added a note that the buy-it-now was 2600 but didn't activtate the 
 new auction with zero description of condition.
old auction.  read the Q&A for a laugh
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