[urq] '84 re-post on ebay

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Fri Jun 22 17:16:16 EDT 2007

Why do they do it?  Well, because it works, and it has been proven that 
people will fall for a cheap '84 ur quattro.  Last year some kid on 
AudiWorld fell for this scam on an '84 ur quattro and sent the scammer 
$2k+ via Western Union to Florida.  He was even warned, but fell for it 
anyway. He contacted the police, etc., but they don't do much on cases 
like that as it takes too much work for them to trace, so he lost his 
money.  My guess is that while 99.9% of the people would not fall for 
this, one in 1000 will and that is what the scammers bank on.

These guys hijack someone's ebay account, probably via one of those 
phony ebay links saying "your account is in dispute, please follow this 
link", so they can use that account's feedback and then arrange payment 
via Western Union perhaps backed with some other phoney ebay link.

Caveat Emptor has never been more appropo than it is today with ebay...


Alex wrote:

Can someone tell me why the f... someone would choose specifically an 
UrQ to make a scam auction?? I mean, why not $3000 bicycle frames where 
there are likely to be so many more schmucks who would fall for what 
appears to be a fabulous deal? I've seen lots of those scams and nearly 
fell for one myself.   I would bet that the 'seller' had no idea he'd 
walk into an absolute hornet's nest by posting this car!

Question about scam auctions - do they just randomly grab a set of 
pictures and description and post it? Or is there some level of actual 
research into what car/product would be good bait for a scam?



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