[urq] Back amongst the legal!

urquattro at comcast.net urquattro at comcast.net
Thu Jun 28 17:43:13 EDT 2007

 Wow, what an adventure...

In one day, It required talking my way out of an expired tags ticket, 2 smog tests (in a row), a separate trip to DMV office because my tags were so far out, a package of steel wool in addition to complex alumimum tip baffles, extensive chatting up and eyelash batting of a portly female DEQ tech, and avoiding a Dodge Caliber that spun out -right- in front of me on the freeway onramp, but I am now STREET LEGAL!!!

I'm going to cruise to the Hot Rod show in Clatskanie, WA on saturday to check out Jerry Mahoney's SICK 914 v-8 project. It's 10-3 for any of you PNW-types who feel like showing up.

-Happy Jon (Now with fresh tags!!!)

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