[urq] toasted ECU?

brian hoeft qweblog at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 23:20:18 EST 2007

oh my god.. (repeatx20) oh my god..

she loves me,, even though i want to sell her,, she really loves me!!

oh, im soo happy right now,, in fact, im typing wifi in my garage in the
driver seat of the IDLING coupe right now, rag stuffed in one pipe and my
shop-vacs tube out the other as i monitor the situation and rejoice since
she hasnt started in well over a month.
 ..could be the vacuum hose i found disconnected, one of the harness
connections I de-oxit'ed, just plain fluke, all that residual ether or,,i
still have yet to find the real culprit but whatever the case, im very
pleased, eased and hopefully someone out there knows how it feels... ooh,
and just as i say that i feel the warm embrace of the functioning seat
heater!! ahhhh  serendipity :)))

so tommorrow hopefully she starts again and i can go for a qruise,,  well
that is,  after i find that clevis pin a kind man (whose name i forget at
present&product designer i believe) sent me to compensate for the fit issues
ive had since installing 034's clutch/firewall/hydraulik bracket.  VERY
excited about that also.

well, thanks for all your finger crossing steve,, much obliged.

On 3/4/07, urq <urq at pacbell.net> wrote:
> IME the battery straps only reach the correct terminal ... so you may be
> OK
> ...
> If you did fry the ECU, you need a MAC-02 ... they only came on the urq.
> One thing to test is to hook a dwell meter to the OXS Freq valve duty
> cycle
> test connector near the firewall on the fuel distributor side of the
> engine.
> If you turn on the car and see a duty cycle value all is probably OK.  You
> can do a further test by manually actuating the Idle and WOT switches on
> the
> throttle ... duty cycle should go to 50%.  You should hear the OXS Freq
> Valve buzzing too.
> Fingers crossed for ya!
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> >
> > in short, the battery was dead and i was under the hood using my test
> > light,
> > pulling the coil to dist plug,etc.. to test for spark while a fellow vw
> > friend was manning the jumper pack in the backseat and turning the key
> on
> > my
> > command. ... wellll, its very possible that he forgot me telling him
> that
> > the (opposite of typical) power strap is black and the ground is orange
> on
> > my 84-Qt..
> >
> > sparing a longer clarification of what i suspect,,  the point..  i have
> a
> > MAC-2 hitachi ending in 383F as i imagine most ur quatts do.  what i ask
> > is
> > if there are any ecu's (say from a 5ktq) that can be swapped in for
> > testing
> > purposes &/or  are there any bonafide tests i can carry out w/my
> > multimeter
> > across certain pins or points within the ECU to determine wether or not
> my
> > ECU deserves butter&jelly or if i missed something while pulling fuses
> and
> > relays..
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worldpeace, //brian

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