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Sun Mar 4 23:38:40 EST 2007

hi marty, well first i would think of fueling like say injector seals or
check valve but maybe the coolant temp sensor could be faulty or even EVAP,
though im admittedly not the best diagnoser, however i could help you with
your urQ wants,, i was going to list mine soon but if someone is eager id
take $5k yesterday, theres a long story to this car but basically,, its not
my time for a Qcoupe and honestly i would really be cautious of daily use,
not for the car in a mechanical sense but beacause so many other people are
terrible drivers.

PS they like 30 miles a lot more than 3 so if you do go ur-daily find the
long way to work and love every extra minute.

WP, //brain

On 3/4/07, formarty at comcast.net <formarty at comcast.net> wrote:
> There is an 83 ur-quattro back on ebay. This is the third time its been
> listed The owner says he paid 16K a year ago.
> Had a buy it now for 16K . I was high bidder at 6100 but well below the
> reserve. The buy it now is $ 13,500.
> Talking to the owner, he stated the only issue the car has is that after a
> ride that gets the engine to normal temperature the car will not re-start
> immediately, you have to wait 10-15 minutes before it will re-start.
> Can anyone tell me what they think the problem could be and what the cost
> to repair might be? My A-4 lease is up in 6 months and am thinking about an
> ur-quattro for a daily driver since my commute is less than 3 miles.
> Thanks,
> Marty
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worldpeace, //brian

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