[urq] Spring maintenance help

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Mar 6 11:01:49 EST 2007

I've never heard the ATE Super Blue is bad for rubber seals.  Any more
info on this?  I've been running it for several years...


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So the '84 Red Tomato has been sitting for 6 months with a clutch  
pedal-to-the-floor symptom.  Thinking (perhaps erroneously) that the  
previous owner replaced the clutch slave, I endured the biting cold  
and wind and replaced the clutch master.  Well, she needs a clutch  
slave (installing tonight).  Any special recommendations?  I know I  
need to drive that pin out through the trans housing from the  
passenger wheel.

The alternator is not charging, so I have to remove the cover and  
check the brushes to the alternator.  Oh, and I now understand that  
ATE Super blue is detrimental to rubber seals, so I'll be flushing  
the wholse hyraulic system.  Need to do all of this before the  
snowfall later tonight (no staying late at work today).  On a cherior  
note, she started right up once I  hooked up the jumper cables,   
though I did need to tweek the mixture screw 3/4 turn to the right.

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