[urq] Anyone want to buy my Danhausen Sport Q 1:43model?

MswmSwmsW oorqueue at gmx.net
Thu Mar 29 01:00:39 EDT 2007

Just like the subect says.  I am in a REALLY tight spot for cash, and  
even though i HATE to do this, i think that i need to bite the bullet  
and sell it.... And yeah, it's the one made by AM Ruf

It is that nice dark green that sportq's are...

There are no chips in the paint, but unfortunately the two rearview  
mirrors are missing... also, the rear seems to sag a little...

On the bottom of the car it says:
Produced by Danhausen
5100 AACHEN (w. germany)
Master A.M. Ruf

Please make an offer...

michael Williams

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