[urq] Size of rear decals on trunk?

Thomas Pollock tompollock2002 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 31 13:56:21 EDT 2007

just got mine out of storage today, yeah !!!  threw a tape on it. Mine match your measurements.  Audi is roughly 7". and quattro is 11 3/4"
  "j.koenig" <koenigj at comcast.net> wrote:
  I finally checked the part numbers of the OE deck lid decals I have. They match Jack's 
(except for the color code), but the decals themselves are larger than the dimensions Jack 

My "Audi" measures 7-1/16" in length (vs. Jack's 5-1/8")
My "quattro" measures 11-3/4" in length (vs. Jack's 10-13/16")

I'm mystified. Can anyone else chime in with measurements? Phil, what are the dimensions 
of yours? Anyone else? Help!

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From: "Mike Sylvester" 
Jack's p/n for the decklid quattro decal is correct.
The Audi decklid decal is NLA so it is not in ETKA.
Mike Sylvester

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From: "Jack Walker" 
Have a set of brand new ones I bought from the Stealer some time ago
Quattro 10-13/16" wide 5/16" inches below the baseline of the font on the "q", and 
1-1/8" tall on the "t" from the baseline, Audi Part number 857 853 737 /01C
Audi 5-1/8" wide on the base line, 1-3/8" tall from the baseline to the top of the A, 
Audi Part number 857 853 687 / 01C

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