[urq] A/C Solenoid Valve Operation

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Tue May 8 14:55:55 EDT 2007

That solenoid allows more air in, and raise revs when AC is on. It 
shouldn't have same PN because it has larger dia hose connections. 
Default position is closed air passage.  When it fails, it will stay in 
closed position because return spring keeps it shut and there is no 
electromagnet power to open it. If it stays open without power, its 
usually the gunk inside, which can be cleaned. I it clicks nicely, but 
still stays on in either switch position, there is problem with wiring.



Maurits Jonkergouw wrote:

>As I understand correctly, the switch which turns on the A/C, also switches the solenoid valve underneath the watertray (same P/N as the  solenoid for the WOT switch on the firewall). What exactly is the purpose of this solenoid regarding fuel economy?
>I was wondering if this solenoid (for the A/C) is faulty (and I know it is), will it stick in 'A/C ON or OFF' mode? When these solenoids go bad, do they always stick in OFF mode or ON mode? (0 vs +12 Volt).

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