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Probably the cable needs replacement, or at least dome serious lubrication -
it is binding then releasing.



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If the car is driving at 60 km/hour and the speedo needle is bouncing freely
between 60 km and 20km. What does this mean?



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Totally coincidence - you will find the problem inside the speedo unit which
will require you to pull the Instrument cluster.   Likely the secondary
(odometer) drive gear is split.  You need to replace this gear or the entire


Speedo operation has nothing to do with the brakes.  The only thing that could
have been affected is the ABS operation or the brake pad wear indicator sensor
that reports to the autocheck system.






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Hi all,


Have a 1986 Audi Turbo Quattro 5000, built February 1986. The front brake pads
and vented rotors were changed out, the sensor cable cut off from the pads.
Sensor connection on car no longer available. Odometer was working before work
was done to change brakes. Speedometer, tachometer function, the ododmeter
does not work. Electrical sender to the speedometer unit.

Any answers?


Could be co-incidence that odometer no longer works after brake work. Told by
mechanic that there were different diameters of rotors for the same year,
earlier years did not have vented rotors, Quattros had different rotors than
non-Quattros. 11" diameter rotors.





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