[urq] Urq, WX, Head Problems, etc.

brady zq bradyzq at hotmail.com
Sun May 20 12:58:36 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I think I have read the entire thread, but if what I ask has already been 
covered, I apologize.

What fuel pressure regulator setup do you have? If you have more than big 
enough injectors running at 100% duty cycle, it makes me think that your 
fuel pressure may be too low.

Do you have a fuel pressure regulator that is boost-referenced? For example, 
if you set the  pressure at 3 bar with the engine off, does the fuel 
pressure rise to 4 bar when you are at 1 bar of boost? If not, this could 
cause a major lean condition!

Other thoughts:

Is your fuel pump getting full voltage?

Is there a restriction between the tank and the pump? Anywhere else in the 
fuel lines? My tank had a blockage at the pickup that caused the pump to 
work so hard that it collapsed the hose between the tank and pump.


034'd urq,
91 200qa20v barge
86 4kq
72 240Z

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