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Bob bob at maxboostracing.com
Tue May 22 14:23:17 EDT 2007

Holy crap, Stott Hare is alive?
Sorry, not much constructive to add to this other than that :)


Stephen Redford wrote:
> -----  Thanks Stott,  I have the right size wheels, 17",  the rotor thickness of the rotor from which the caliper came is 32mm.   I was thinking that there are some Audi rotors that size.. I don't know how much the rotor thickness can vary and still work... I am sure I will have to have some brackets made.  The price is pretty good, I think, at  $400.00 for the pair with pads.... It is an online sale , so I am trying to be as sure as I can before I buy or they get sold to someone else....  Stephen Redford  '85Urq needing a "Good" 5000tq head (MC??) and wanting Brembos.  
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>   Size/placement of the caliper and fitting them over some rotors and
>   under your rims is once thing.
>   Having brackets that properly adapt from the stock mounting points on
>   your struts to the mounting points on your calipers, and having a
>   bracket that places the caliper in a correct/workable position is going
>   to be your biggest hurdle.
>   Having rotors with the workable diameter, thickness, hat size, lug bolt
>   spacing and hubcentric size will be your other issue.
>   No specific info on the urq, aside from the normal upgrade to G60's
>   option. Good luck.
>   -Stott
>   95 S6A with 928GTS "Big Blacks"
>   using RS2 caliper brackets and 2001+ S8
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>   ----------- I just got a chance to get some , almost new,  Big,
>   Red-colored ,Brembo Calipers with pads .    They are off a 2003+ EVO 8 
>   The person is upgrading.    Does anyone know if they would fit on my
>   '85Urq...  Someone told me that the  993 monoblocks would / could be
>   fitted to my car.   The rotor width, he says, is 32mm.     Thanks in
>   advance...   ...Stephen Redford  ; still working on the "head "
>   problem...
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