[urq] RE : 1984 White urQ for sale in France

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Thu May 31 10:27:47 EDT 2007


Yep, that's because the trip computer switch takes over the spot where the
rear defrost would usually be.

The rear window/seat heater works is a two stage switch, press once and
you get rear defrost, press fruther and you get the seat heater.

BTW the fog light switch in the early dashes is also two stage, first
click does front fogs and secod does front and rear fog.

Hope this helps.

> Louis-Alain Richard
> Thanks for the precision.
> About the switches, it looks that the seat heaters are combined with the
> rear defrost ? Very strange...
> About the headlamps:
> http://www.automusee.fr/data/classes/voitures/1301387_zoom7.jpg
> I want that yellow H1 bulb cover in the high beams. I have secured some
> H4-yellow for the low beams, but I can't put my hand on these H1-yellow. I
> guess the yellow bulb is included in the headlamp assembly ?
> Anyone knows ?
> Louis-Alain
>> -----Message d'origine-----
>> The car is definetly a 1983.
>> However this is the late production run after the "upgrades".
>> These cars are very rare.. they came with digidash and special early
>> switches to go with it (dimmer and trip compter switch).
>> This was the first time for the H4/H1 combo lights.
>> And yes, underhood fusebox and late suspension and updated front seat
>> bottom cushion (one piece).
>> The car should have the original 6" rims as well.
>> Shame about those door speakers.. interior looks great otherwise.
>> Martin Pajak
>> > Louis-Alain Richard
>> > http://www.automusee.fr/fr/voiture1301387.html?voit_image=1
>> > While it has the correct flat composite headlamps, 8" R8s and the
>> under
>> > hood
>> > fusebox, it has the Zebra cloth interior and the brown early style
>> > dashboard
>> > and the Digidash. So must be a late 1983 but the ad states it is a
>> 1984.

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