[urq] UPG 2008 Planning

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 21:38:49 PDT 2007

I fell off the ball on this but tonight I sat down and compiled all the info
I could glean from various posts in the type of format I like looking at.
EXCEL Spreadsheet.

Oh, and I have this spreadsheet but normally "Attachemnts" are not allowed
on this list.  But if its ok with you guys, I can forward it on for anyone
to see.  Supprisingly,

I also read a ton of posts.  I have a few comments.

1) I totally agree with Sean that we need to get the word out beyond just
the list.  Post Cards in Quattro Quarterly, posts to Regional Lists, etc.  I
have had 2-urq's for about 5-years now but Just last month subscribed to
this list.  But even if they aren't running for the trip, I would consider
going anyway in a different Audi just to be with everyone and see the other
cars.  We MAY even get people that just love the cars to come because they
want to see them.

2) I see a Lot of votes for a Scenic area and very few for a boring area.
Seems most would rather drive a little farther to keep it interesting than
be in the middle of Kansas or Nebraska.  "Sorry, not picking on KS and NE if
you live there, just using as examples".

3) there are some votes for "2-events".  But that's not the point of this
thread.  I believe when Steve started it he was aiming for "ONE" Event.  The
Two coast events thing is easy and has been done.  Why re-invent that wheel.
Lets have a Re-Do of the Pikes Peak even I first attended with my 4kq.  It
was great and was a lot of fun.

4) Personally I see a lot of cool choices on the West side of Center.  Moab,
Jackson, etc.  I like the Black Hills Idea also.  But you wont catch me in
KA or NE.  No Hearland for me.  I would consider Road America though.


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