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Accomodating other folks isn't a problem, having a waterfest-type  audi event 
loses the focus of the urq, and adds huge logistical issues to  an ur-qfest 
IMO.  It's easy to identify the urq owners, you just require a  VIN for 
registration, you don't have to bring it.  Having done events  before, you need to 
weed out participation from visitation.  Many  venues these days have a limit as 
to participants, including spectators.   My own thinking is that's not a bad 
I'd love to see a Road America Event as well, but given the cost of 'any'  
track in the USA, I see reality eclipsing that vision.  Realistically,  
exceeding a couple hundred for event costs, doesn't sound realistic to me.   An 
ur-qfest at RA (assuming we could get a date) at 150 cars would be in  easy excess 
of 500per participant.  Again, I think an autocross and  some good road rally's 
are more realistic in budgeting fun per dollar.
Scott J
84 ur
83 ur
.5 x 83 steamboat ur
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I agree with a lot of what you said in your post.  Especially your summary.
The driving force here should be the Urq and the  family and friends
surrounding it.
That said, I think what  you say in Point 3 is contradictory to that.
Unless I"m mis-reading it I  read that to say that other I5's are not
welcome.  For me, There is a  good chance that would exclude me.  I have two
83' ur-q's.  But  there is a good chance that neither would make it to this
event.   Neither have engines in them at the moment.  But if I don't tow  one
behind my LandRover just to show it off, then I'd likely be coming  in
another flavor of Audi.
I would also encourage anyone  who loves the car, but doesn't own one to
come and participate.  I  would agree that the FOCUS should not be other
cars.  But people  should be free to come in whatever they bring.  What
matters is  getting everyone together to celebrate the car, and have  good

Thanks for the long  posts.



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