[urq] Door Handle Group Buy?

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 6 00:45:17 PST 2007

Heya guys,

I recently broke both the front and rear driver side door handle in the last
months.  The rears are fairly in-expensive and don't fail as much "and
coupes / urq cars don't have rears.

But the fronts are bloody expensive.  I got prices ranging from $30 - $70
for a new one.  The $70 being OE, the $30 being Chinese knockoff.

Well, as many people know the part that fails is the forked piece inside
that breaks.  It seems to be plastic or something and just breaks not
allowing the lever to move the arm.

I might have a line on Replacement Forked pieces.  I got one for my door and
I"m thinking, if there is enough interest, maybe I can buy 100 of them.
They are dual sided so the same arm works for either passenger or Driver
side door.  Once your door handle is out, the swap is fairly easy.  You just
take a small phillips or better yet a Driver/punch if you have one and drive
the old pin out.  Then remove the arm, pay close attention to the
orientation of the SPRING before removing, and then replace with the new
part and pin but re-using the old spring.

Anyhow, just wondering if there is interest in this part for around $12 -
$13.  Maybe less.  Its made of aluminum and seems to work.  I'm going to try
and get about 4-of themf or spares for various 4kq/urq cars.


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