[urq] mufflers, exhaust, etc

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Tue Nov 6 16:44:07 PST 2007

I was talking to Al about going with the CAC replacement muffler on my car, but he said that the pipe diameter was smaller than factory ... I wonder if it makes that much difference.  Does anyone have the CAC unit who can report on the exhaust note with that setup?  I need the resonator replaced as well (in fact it is worse) so it would be good to know what you have amidships as well.  I'll need something that works with the cat ... or includes a high flow cat solution.  John welded my parts up to get the car to pass smog, but I've got to say the exhaust note isn't what I remember it ... and I'm sure it isn't all due to the MC engine swap.  I guess I'll be looking for a system that isn't too boomy on the freeway though ... I'd hate to lose my hearing on the way to UPG2008!  :-)

BTW, I just got a call from the DMV, my car has had its record straightened out so that I don't have to pay the registration fees and penalties from the years it sat in the garage ... hopefully we'll be completely legal by the weekend!  I picked up all the remaining excess parts from John Brasil at lunch today ... I think my first project will be figuring out why the MC-2 fuel distributor/injector set up wasn't working.  

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

... and to ECB ... thanks for your note ... sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet, but I shall!

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