[urq] urQ/CGT/4k instrument cluster bulbs: some LEDs bulbs works for less $$

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Wed Nov 7 12:45:13 PST 2007

Well Lino, I have an answer as to install LED bulbs into an urQ/CGT/4000
instrument panel main lighting.

The $2.79 "6-LEDs 194-type warm white" units work almost as fine as the
expensive 857-919-040 OEM incandescent bulbs. Light amount is similar, and
the color is nearly as red as the OEM bulb. The cheaper "4-LED 194-type cool
white" doesn't, as they are not powerful enough, and cool white give a
purple tint to the dashboard lighting. So I guess the "WLED-WHP Pure White
High Power " single LED bulb will do the same (I did not order these). 

You want warm-white bulbs, or better, red-bulbs for the main lighting. I
should've read this page BEFORE ordering my bulbs:

Also, I ordered 74-type single-LED red bulbs for the switches, and they work
wonderfully. You must open the switches and weld them in place (don't forget
these are diodes so they have a + and a -) but the result is superb. And
they will outlast the car...


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Has anyone used the LED's in place of these bulbs?  And if so, which ones?
Are they bright enough?




From: Ado Sigal [mailto:a.sigal at bluewin.ch] 

Have a look here for LED solution:



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I'm not sure what you mean by "little lens at the tip", but it's been a
while since I've looked at one of these.  Anyway, the two big
illumination bulbs at the top corners are:
857 919 040 - Bulb (3W, $10 - yikes!!)
481 919 005 - Socket (if yours are nasty, $2)
Eric R.
'86 urq
'93 urS
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Hi guys,
Trying to put things back together on the Ur-q.  Do you know what the
part number is for the instrument cluster lighting bulbs?  The ones that
have a little lens at the tip to increase the lighting.  These are the
two bigger ones at each top corner (rear) of the instrument cluster.

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