[urq] urQ/CGT/4k instrument cluster bulbs: some LEDs bulbs works for less $$

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Wed Nov 7 13:39:31 PST 2007

As in life in general, the answer is : yes and no...

The LED bulbs do dim a bit, but their response is much faster than
incandescent bulbs. They disappear very quickly so adjustment is finicky. I
am speaking of the 2 main bulbs, because the switches LEDs are so dim
already, you don't want them to light less.

For the sake of knowledge of the other listers: the urQ/CGT/4000 instrument
panel use only 2 wedge bulbs (standard type 194, but with a little
magnifying lens on the tip) to project the whole 3 watts into a red tube
that distribute the light to the IC from above. These bulbs are 18$ each
here in Canada and we were seeking a longer lasting, cheaper alternative,
hence the LED bulbs.


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Hi Louis-Alain,

Great idea.
Only question I have is, how does this work with the light rheostat?
Does it dim/brighten with the rest of the dash or stay one intensity?


> Louis-Alain Richard
> Well Lino, I have an answer as to install LED bulbs into an urQ/CGT/4000
> instrument panel main lighting.
> The $2.79 "6-LEDs 194-type warm white" units work almost as fine as the
> expensive 857-919-040 OEM incandescent bulbs. Light amount is similar, and
> the color is nearly as red as the OEM bulb. The cheaper "4-LED 194-type
> cool
> white" doesn't, as they are not powerful enough, and cool white give a
> purple tint to the dashboard lighting. So I guess the "WLED-WHP Pure White
> High Power " single LED bulb will do the same (I did not order these).
> You want warm-white bulbs, or better, red-bulbs for the main lighting. I
> should've read this page BEFORE ordering my bulbs:
> http://superbrightleds.com/carbulb-notes.htm.
> Also, I ordered 74-type single-LED red bulbs for the switches, and they
> work
> wonderfully. You must open the switches and weld them in place (don't
> forget
> these are diodes so they have a + and a -) but the result is superb. And
> they will outlast the car...
> Louis-Alain

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