[urq] Phase 1 Complete! Thanks!

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I¹ve been spending quite a bit of time on the MotorGeek website and there is
a LOT of knowledge there.  Not to mention some very skilled builders.
What Engine are you doing this on?  Stock ur-q 10vt or something more along
the MC Variety?

Even if using the normal Solid Lifter engine you could still get tons of
power out of that motor with the low compression it has.   But if your going
to build something your probably better off going with an MC and then you
can always lower the compression a little with a  thicker head gasket.

Are you going to do Fuel Only or Fuel & Spark?  Fuel & Spark is needed if
you plan to run upwards of 15psi as I¹ve read a lot of people have issues
getting the stock ECU to behave well above 15-18psi.  But with proper
fueling that 15psi can be achieved with a far smoother running engine.  If
you run fuel & Spark, well, The sky¹s the limit.  I think Javad got 350whp
out of his 10vt.  But that hardly compares to the 800hp he¹s gotten from the

As for what you need, AFAIKT you need
Custom Crank Trigger wheel. ³Or 5-window Distributor if your going with
5-coil Ignition setup in addition to fueling.
Water Temp sender.
Intake Temp Sender??  I know you need this for Ignition, not sure on Fuel
Only.  They seem to be using a GM Temp sender that¹s is easy to get,
affordable, and works well.
Fuel Rail w/brackets
S4 Style Throttle Position Sensor or other sensor.  ³Not sure if doing Fuel
Only how this intigrates with the stock Idle switch, unless you have the 034
take over all Idle Control which it can do.

For basic parts that¹s about it.  Fuel only tuning should be a little easier
and there are plenty of maps out there from others so it should be pretty
easy to find one that¹s close to your engine configuration and go from
there.  It really just depends on what you want. For me, I get lots of
crappy fuel here in Central America so I like maintaing the stock ECU for
Timing as it has Knock Control.  But a properly tuned engien should not ping
and shouldn¹t need it.  Use an EGT Gauge in your car it will tell you if
your running dangerously.

Let me know what info you want and I¹ll try to help you out.


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Very timely post as I'm "almost" at the same point of ownership and
frustration. Actually I'm not that frustrated but wanting to move up to
another level one of these days. I've "schrapnel knobbed" my way to the
limit of stock fueling parts.
034 EFI hasn't been discussed for awhile, and I would be interested in any
info you have, or come across that would help in my planning and budgeting.
(i.e. costs, needed mods, other parts etc.)

Dennis Graber
Quality Linings & Painting
Denver, CO

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Congratulations Steve,

I've about given up on the fueling on my CIS.  It never quite seems to run
"Right".  I'm sure dropping $250 on new injectors would help dramatically,
but I'm thinking of doing an 034efi Fuel only system.  Using the Mac-11 ECU
to control the spark "Chipped ECU" but ditching the fuel system for Real
Injectors and real fuel control.

But that's Off Topic.  Congrats on the conversion.


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