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Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 13 09:27:47 PST 2007

While I don't have a 034ed car, I know one, Brady's '83. He will probably
chime in later on that subject, I think he is busy getting married these
days, but I can comment on a few things.

- throttle. If one swap the progressive cam from the OEM setup for a more
direct/linear device, throttle will be very touchy and sensitive to input.
For everyday drives, it can be annoying. 

- noise. Brady's car has a cone filter directly in front of the TB. While it
is fine for performance, noise level is high, obviously, but the noise pitch
is also a bit strange, like a turbine mixed with a leaking door seal. If it
was my car, I'd keep the cone filter, but I would muffled it in a custom box
to hear more of the engine/exhaust and less of the intake. I don't like
noisy engines in a street car.


> -----Message d'origine-----
De la part de Todd Phenneger
> Dennis,
> I¹ve been spending quite a bit of time on the MotorGeek website and there
> is
> a LOT of knowledge there.  Not to mention some very skilled builders.
> What Engine are you doing this on?  Stock ur-q 10vt or something more
> along
> the MC Variety?
> Even if using the normal Solid Lifter engine you could still get tons of
> power out of that motor with the low compression it has.   But if your
> going
> to build something your probably better off going with an MC and then you
> can always lower the compression a little with a  thicker head gasket.
> Are you going to do Fuel Only or Fuel & Spark?  Fuel & Spark is needed if
> you plan to run upwards of 15psi as I¹ve read a lot of people have issues
> getting the stock ECU to behave well above 15-18psi.  But with proper
> fueling that 15psi can be achieved with a far smoother running engine.  If
> you run fuel & Spark, well, The sky¹s the limit.  I think Javad got 350whp
> out of his 10vt.  But that hardly compares to the 800hp he¹s gotten from
> the
> 20vt.
> As for what you need, AFAIKT you need
> Custom Crank Trigger wheel. ³Or 5-window Distributor if your going with
> 5-coil Ignition setup in addition to fueling.
> Water Temp sender.
> Intake Temp Sender??  I know you need this for Ignition, not sure on Fuel
> Only.  They seem to be using a GM Temp sender that¹s is easy to get,
> affordable, and works well.
> Fuel Rail w/brackets
> S4 Style Throttle Position Sensor or other sensor.  ³Not sure if doing
> Fuel
> Only how this intigrates with the stock Idle switch, unless you have the
> 034
> take over all Idle Control which it can do.
> For basic parts that¹s about it.  Fuel only tuning should be a little
> easier
> and there are plenty of maps out there from others so it should be pretty
> easy to find one that¹s close to your engine configuration and go from
> there.  It really just depends on what you want. For me, I get lots of
> crappy fuel here in Central America so I like maintaing the stock ECU for
> Timing as it has Knock Control.  But a properly tuned engien should not
> ping
> and shouldn¹t need it.  Use an EGT Gauge in your car it will tell you if
> your running dangerously.
> Let me know what info you want and I¹ll try to help you out.
> Todd

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