[urq] urq EFI conversions

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Nov 14 08:39:21 PST 2007

I think this is a great place to talk about EFI conversions - as is
Motorgeek as there is a ton of EFI stuff there - but here it would be
all urq specific - some overlap with Motorgeek but who cares.  Obviously
I got sick of chasing my tail with CIS a few years back - and I think,
from what I know, EFI is an excellent alternative to a 20V conversion.
I get these Shell Gas email newsletters , and the last one talked about
ethanol additives - and it specifically said it can cause issues (vapor
lock IIRC) in older cars - I think it said mid 80's and back.  Backs up
what a lot of people have thought.  EFI will cure hard starting, likely
increase driveability, and enable better use of the super low 7.0:1
compression - i.e., crank up the boost!  

Just some rambling....


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... not sure why anyone would think discussion of EFI on an urq was off
topic ... good to see most believe it is germane ... :-)  I think it
would be great to have discussions about MegaSquirt or 034 ... or
whatever else might be a good system to use on the urq.  CIS was a big
improvement over carbs ... but time has passed, and it is not difficult
to go with EFI and get a motor that is likely to be better for the
environment than it would be in stock form!  

It is funny, while I'm finished phase 1 and contemplating phase 2, it is
also true that I picked up a fuel only 034 setup from a lister ... so
I'm already considering phase 3!

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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I've about given up on the fueling on my CIS.  It never quite seems to
run "Right".  I'm sure dropping $250 on new injectors would help
dramatically, but I'm thinking of doing an 034efi Fuel only system.
Using the Mac-11 ECU to control the spark "Chipped ECU" but ditching the
fuel system for Real Injectors and real fuel control.

But that's Off Topic.  Congrats on the conversion.

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