[urq] Seattle Shop Employment Opportunity (NurqC)

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Wed Nov 14 14:36:12 PST 2007

Anyone looking for a job and/or excuse to move to the Seattle area?

A close friend who owns a small local VW/Audi Tuning/Repair facility is considering creating a full or part-time shop manager position - someone to bring some organization, accountability, and (very importantly) professionalism and maturity to the business for at least part of each weekday's operation.

Job duties and salary are very flexible at this point, as it's kind of "creating"  a position, but the employer is fair and the perks (as you might imagine) are huge for a car enthusiast.

The reason I'm posting here instead of the main list or classifieds is:

1.) I'm hoping to tap someone I already know or at least know of for this opportunity. 

2.) urq people seem to embody patience, commitment, integrity, and logical problem solving skills, and they generally orient toward value as opposed to status.  Those kind of people are harder to find these days...

I apologize if this has been somewhat vague - I'm deliberately withholding contact details about the job to protect the time of the owner (he doesn't have it to answer cold calls from unknown applicants).

Shoot me an email if interested and we can discuss.

Sorry for the non-urq and nominal audi content; I figure there might be some good people looking for work right now with the current economic turmoil, so wanted to get the word out to what I feel is a solid group of folks.


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