[urq] urq EFI conversions

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Wed Nov 14 19:08:20 PST 2007

I can only attest that after fighting with CIS issues and hoses blowing off and getting
small tears right and left, EFI  has made a world of difference.  I’m no where near
finished tuning, but the car starts and runs better than it ever did.  Even when I
popped an intercooler hose, it just kept on running even though I couldn’t get the
boost, I made it back to a place much better than the side of the road to fix it.


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I think this is a great place to talk about EFI conversions - as is Motorgeek as there
is a ton of EFI stuff there - but here it would be all urq specific - some overlap with
Motorgeek but who cares.  Obviously I got sick of chasing my tail with CIS a few years
back - and I think, from what I know, EFI is an excellent alternative to a 20V
I get these Shell Gas email newsletters , and the last one talked about ethanol
additives - and it specifically said it can cause issues (vapor lock IIRC) in older cars
- I think it said mid 80's and back.  Backs up what a lot of people have thought.  EFI
will cure hard starting, likely increase driveability, and enable better use of the
super low 7.0:1 compression - i.e., crank up the boost!  

Just some rambling....


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