[urq] warm up issues

Gary Brown gmbchef at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 16 07:01:07 PST 2007

Hey guys. 
   When I first start the car in the morning, it fires right up and stettles into a good fast idle, around 1100 or so. No FV buzz. When it starts going open loop, it runs rough, will almost die, and I notice the vacuum reading is low, around 8-9 inches. Still no FV buzz. 
    After awhile, like maybe 15-20 minutes, the FV will start to buzz intermittantly, and the vacuum will slowly rise to around 15 inches. After this, the FV and duty cycle are fine, and the idle is around 900 rpm. 
    I'm going to check fuel pressure while all this is happeneing tomorrow. Last I checked (about 2 weeks ago) all was fine.
    Also, if I'm driving the car while the vacuum reading is low, I will feel it trying to smooth out and then suddenly I 'll feel a push in my lower back, telling me the system is now operating properly.
   Symptoms of a bad WUR?

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