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When I had the 10V, I ran my car with the cat and no center resonator -
great sound IMO.  Now with the 20V, I ran it the same way for a while -
sounds good.  Then I removed the cat, which also does have a muffling
effect - and IMO the car is a little too loud (but quicker spool was
very noticeable).  Recently I swapped in a factory center resonator,
still no cat, and with a 20V motor - too quiet IMO - not enough growl.
It seems the cat, resonator and rear muffler all have a muffling effect.
Removal of any piece will increase the loudness, and change sound
differently from one another.  

My .02


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In my modest experience, they are both right. The resonator is there to
change the pitch of the noise, the muffler is there to quiet it. So
maybe the resonator is not appropriate for the muffler, and then you can
try to change it for another style. If you remove it, I am guessing that
you'll end with a louder car. 

So the solution is in the muffler IMO. What you need is a big muffler,
one designed for a bigger engine than your 2.2 but one for a stock
engine. Plenty of flow, low noise. You're lucky as the rear end of our
cars is not too tight compare to the underbody of other small cars. 

And last, to quiet the "bark", the muffler must be filled with "wool" or
any other material that will dampen the metallic noises. I remember
seeing a cut-open muffler from a 92-95 V6 Camry and that thing was very
cleverly designed, but heavy. Maybe this is a solution for you, as it
has twin pipes and is designed for a 3,0 liter engine. Usually these
kind of stock muffler gives a very rich tone to the exhaust noise. You
must adapt it, though.

I played a lot with muffler on all my previous cars except the urQ. When
I was young, I had access to obsolete parts from a big FLAPS. These new
Maremont/Ansa/Walker exhausts were destined to the crusher, so I "saved"
a few for my projects. I always chose twin pipes mufflers, some from big
MB, some from turbo Mustang pre-SVO, some from the Chryco turbo cars,
some from the MK1 RX-7, VW GTi 16V, you see the pattern ? There is still
some of these at my parents home... I think.

The conclusion of all that muffler swapping was that mufflers for turbo
cars are very noisy on a non-turbo vehicle, and bigger is better.

Good luck !


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> I am getting conflicting messages from my immediate consultants 
> regarding the resonator.  Some say the resonator is providing the 
> noise I hearing and some say the resonator is there to "quieten" the 
> system. Should I remove it??I would appreciate any comments or
> suggestions regarding this issue.
> Secondly, if the resonator is not the problem, what
> can I do to the muffler to tone down the noise without restricting the

> flow to much???  Thanks again.
> Tony: 83 URQ; 4K CSQ; 86 model 90Q,

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