[urq] Junkyard Urq update

Fluhr ejfluhr at austin.ibm.com
Tue Nov 27 17:46:22 PST 2007

FYI, for those who have been following, I will be buying the junkyard
Urquattro as intact as I can get it.  They won't transfer any paperwork
on it, so I have to buy as parts (e.g. $300 for chassis, $200 for engine,
$300 for rear clip, $100 for tranny, $50 for each door, etc.).  At least
I'll save it from being crushed, and then decide what to do with it.
Currently the junkyard said it isn't too taken apart.  It is missing the 
turbo and some intake stuff, wheels, front struts, some interior pieces,
and someone pulled out the tranny but left it on the ground, so who knows
what kind of damage they did there. :-(   I am probably paying too much
at $2200, but I didn't want to risk them saying no and letting it get
torn to pieces.  My dad grabbed the receipts and it listed some ABT parts
(camshaft, fuel regulator, ECU, maybe the turbo was), so I am hoping those
are still on it and can offset the cost.   I will have pictures on Friday
after my father visits the junkyard and checks out the car prior to
payment (the car is in Orlando, I'll have to deal with it over Christmas

I still don't know if this can be titled/recovered or needs to be
a track-only chassis due to the certificate of destruction on it.
If anyone can help there, I would certainly appreciate the info.

'82 Urq
'83 Urq  :-)

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