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Wed Nov 28 21:48:32 PST 2007

... my '83 also has the wire for the rear fog on the trunk lid ... and I got
the proper switch from Tom Nas a long time ago ... the thing is that if you
have the US center taillight section the area in which the fog would shine
is masked out (I know this because I drilled it out to try to make it work
... quite a disappointment to find it masked!).  I solved the problem by
getting the Swiss blacked out center light section ... 

Of course the US wiring diagrams will not show this ... you'd need to wing
it or get the wiring diagram for a European model.  

You know, this reminded me that once I found a long wire that goes nowhere
in my trunk under the spare wheel in the left rear of the trunk.  Never took
a bunch of time to try to figure out where it was supposed to go.  Anyone
out there see something similar on their car and actually traced out its
intended function?

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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There is a set of foglights or illumination  lights in my fiberglass trunk
that look like fogs. The car is an '83 Ur Quattro, and the original trunk
had lights too.  Both use same wiring colors and connector to the trunk, but
I don't recall if I ever had them working.  I am on the road and seeing if I
can trace the wire to its source, but diagram shows nothing for the
gray/white wire that would be power supply.  I got the tag lights working,
but looks like I'll have to wire in a switch for the fogs.


I found a gray/white wire up front under the fusebox - could be the one.  Is
there any slot in the box that the factory used either relay or fuse for the
illumination or fogs.  I could set these up as fogs as the bulbs are
halogen.  The fiberglass trunk is from a late '87 coupe - I think.


Any online diagrams - I think the '87 would work as the '83 one I have does
not show this wire.  Maybe the '84 does - I did not bring my Bentley.

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