[urq] WX to MC-2 Swap Plans

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Sat Oct 6 07:45:31 PDT 2007

Well it looks like the project is moving ahead much more quickly than I
expected!  The engine arrived yesterday, it all looks to be clean and
complete.  Now that I've seen the engine I realize that there are a couple
decisions I will need to make regarding which parts to take from which

Well, the one thing that may delay the project is finding a flywheel for the
engine as it still has the automatic flex plate attached.  If there's anyone
near San Jose who has a MT flywheel with the correct pin for an MC-2 that I
could borrow or buy I'd appreciate hearing from you!  If there have been any
sightings at any local pick-n-pulls I could get one that way too.  Thanks!

Since I'm paying to get this done ... and since I'd kinda like to drive my
car soon ... I want to do a minimal amount of opening things up on the new
engine.  The basic idea is to drop the engine in whole but use the stock urq

I think I may have some problems with the airbox.  The airbox in the urq has
the airflow sensing plate toward the bumper, while the 200 10v has it facing
back.  I also seem to recall hearing that the injector lines attach to the
fuel distributor differently.  I'm hoping that I can bolt the MC-2's airflow
sensor plate to the urq airbox, does anyone know if that will be a problem?
As I'm typing I suspect that one problem may well be the fuel lines to the
injectors will not be long enough to support this configuration.  Perhaps
the solution for expediencies sake would be to use the WX airbox, fuel
distributor and injectors.  I'll appreciate any thoughts on this decision

The downpipe on the new motor was cut off behind the point where the
wastegate attaches.  I'm hoping to bolt the urq/WX downpipe up to the turbo
and wastegate flanges from the MC-2.  I know that in the past I've heard
about interference issues in this area of the motor ... will the WX downpipe
clear the exhaust manifold on the MC?  

Even though my A/C is not working, I would like to be able to have A/C in
the future.  The new engine does not have an A/C compressor, but it looks
like there are mounting points on the block.  Will the WX A/C compressor
bolt up to the MC block?

There seems to be a potential issue with using the urq intercooler in
plumbing the intake to the throttle body.  I think the length of the MC's
infamous Michelin Man hose is too short to reach the urq IC, and the similar
pipe on the WX is a "Y" arrangement.  Not only is there the extra hose to
address, the shape of the throttle body flange on the MC is not round, and
may have a larger circumference.  Is it best to try to make the WX pipe fit?
Can I use the MM hose or will I have to create a hybrid?  

The new engine includes the after-run coolant pump, which I'd like to fit
into the urq.  I saw it mounted to the block on Al's car in the warm up
regulator location (he's done the EFI conversion) ... I know that the urq
with the MB engine had the pump located this way as well.  I think this may
be one of the projects I'll work out for myself ... will I be able to "bolt
up" the stock urq coolant lines?  

Funny I left the most intricate task until last ... that being wiring up the
MAC-14.  This is something that I will be doing myself, but I'm thinking it
might be something I will "patch" in now and clean up when the car's at
home.  My plan is to ignore the ISV electronics, and just find a place to
get the power I need to run the engine and connect it directly to the
battery (with a fuse and switch of course!).  

I think that is it ... apologies for the rambling nature of the post ... but
it was good as it gave me a chance to think things through a bit.  I'm going
out to the shop again today to work through some of the details.  I'll
appreciate hearing anything those of you who have BTDT would care to share
regarding things that I'm not considering.  

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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