[urq] In Tank Screen Removal

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Wed Oct 17 08:59:11 PDT 2007

OK – I was mulling this over.  The one I plan to put in should flow OK, but you are
right it is likely more restrictive than the OEM one.  I may use it in the interim just
to see what is going on and then revert back to the OEM filter.


And yes this is the one designed for carb use, but I figured it would be OK since it
would be located on the inlet side – basically graity fed pressure.  It would be nice to
find a larger, higher flow version of this.





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i would not use a pre-filter w/ smaller diameter fittings as this would be a flow
restriction.  the one you describe sounds like it might be designed for a
carb/mechanical pump set-up.  not nearly enough flow capacity for this return type fuel
system.  the stock type oem filter might be the best bet as it looks to have a very fine
screen filter inside that would keep damaging particles out of the pump, available and
not to hard to change.........m

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Well, I do have the tank drained already.  Yes the hose(s) at the bottom are  curved and
a trick to get to.


I figured it might be best to pull the tank, but of course was hoping there would be an
easier way.  Just don’t want this to come back and haunt me.  So looks like I have
today’s work cutout.  If I end up pulling the tank, I’ll be sure to let folks know how
difficult it is.  Doesn’t seem to be that bad as long as the hoses come off easily.  I
will try getting through the sender hole first.


I already have the pre-filter in hand.  I got one that you can see through clearly,
although the inlets are not as big as the OEM Bosch one made of clear plastic – but you
could barely see through that.  Interesting that the OEM pre-filter has larger barb
fittings than anything else I could find on the shelf.


Any other ideas?





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Ben,  I am one who suggested that could be a problem.  I think the 'correct' way to deal
with this would be to remove the tank and then the fuel gauge sender to access it.
Having said that and considering how much work that would be, I think if there is
straight access through the outlet from the bottom, poking large holes in the screen
that way would yeild the same net cure. If it is a curved outlet pipe (I don't know or
remember), then you might accomplish the same thing using a piece of clutch or handbrake
cable driven by a slow speed screwgun/drill.

Installing a good  pre-pump filter after this abortion would be requisit, IMHO.


mike w/ 84 4kqt Em , needing same surgeries

         w/ 83 urQ, probably needing same , if 3B ever gets installed

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I’m finally getting to do the fuel pump repairs.  How do I remove the screen in the

I got a lot of suggestions to check this a week or so ago.  In fact I’d like to remove
it.  Thought I had already eliminated anything to slow the flow but this can only cause
trouble.  How do I get it out or make it so all I have is a clear line into the tank?
Can I just poke it out?




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