[urq] In Tank Screen Removal

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Wed Oct 17 09:20:58 PDT 2007

The screen tends to clog up and create pump cavitation - at least it make sense that it

It is easier to periodically replace a pre-filter than to reach in and unclog a screen.
And how do you keep stuff that was clogging the screen from coming back and clogging it

Hey I'm open to suggestions for not removing it, but all the unsolicited feedback I got
a week ago when I enquired about a replacement pump alternative said I should consider
this to be a potential problem.  I am pretty sure it was getting clogged and restricting
flow into the pump (cavitation). For all those who are saying "I told you so" that is
fine but I was already suspicious of something like this going on, and the mention of a
screen caused the light bulb in my head to go on.

Basically, I am trying to rework the feed from the gas tank so there is absolutely no
restriction in flow.  These tanks tend to accumulate debris and some have the liner
slowly slouching off and settling to the bottom.  Imaging what happens when all that
gets caught in a screen that is located at the pickup point for the tube that feeds the
pump.  A pre-pump will catch all this and then you just replace it or like the one I was
going to install, just replace the element.  That is a lot easier than - well I don't
even want to go there.

I'm sure it needs to be removed, and I think this is probably a big problem with many of
these cars.  Mine didn't even have a pre-filter on it - I installed that when I replaced
the pump the first time.  Since then I have replaced the pre-filter twice in only about

I'll let all know what I find when I open it up shortly, but expect to see a lot of
debris despite the fact that I have flushed the tank several times before - and I got a
lot of stuff out.  I did not know there was a screen there, so expect there is a lot
more stuff.


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I'm curious why you want to remove the screen in the tank...


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OK - now that I'm installing the new pump, how do I remove the screen in
the tank?

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