[urq] 016 Trans and AAN w/3B flywheel

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The T/O bearing shouldnt be an issue, the pilot bearing needs to be for 
the 016 if I remember - as the snout of the 016 is larger than the 01A.

You will have issues with the clutch binding on the input shaft though 
as the splines are not machined far enough up the shaft for that FW / 
PP / Disk setup.

You will need to machine 3-4 mm of material off the transmission side 
of the clutch disk splines to allot is to fully float on the input 

There are extensive threads on this topic over at www.motorgeek.com in 
the driveline forum.

Hopefully the rest of the guys will verify my details but IM pretty 
sure I gave the right info - Im about to go thru this myself...


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I’m getting to some of the last parts necessary to fit the AAN into my 

I’ve got a 93 S4 AAN motor, Fidanza Aluminum 3B Flywheel, a (very 
used) Spec stage 3+ Clutch and Pressure Plate.

I’m in the process of having the PP and Flywheel balanced…

I’ve been told, but can’t remember right now and can’t find it in my 

Which throw out bearing and Pilot Bearing do I use with this 

Thought it was the stock 016 (like a UrQ) pilot bearing and stock T/O

Appreciate the info….assuming someone might know!

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