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Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 10:04:28 PDT 2007

I don't see Indianapolis as even remotely "centrally located".   Hell,
it's damn-near a 2-day drive from Denver.  That pretty much excludes
the west coasters.

I really feel like far too much emphasis is being placed on "what else
we can do there".  The point is to gather these cars in one place.

I'm pretty well located for just about any venue that is truly
centrally located so I am only advocating locations that seem to have
the best possiblity of drawing the most cars from all of North
America.  It will be more of a hike for some, no matter where we go.

Ten years ago when we did the 2 Audifests, I lived in SC.  It was 2
long days driving for me each way.  We managed to have various
meet-ups along the way to the even which made the overall experience
that much better.   For the 1st one in '97 I had just started a new
job and could not take vacation.  Back then they still ran the race on
July 4th and it fell midweek so I had a long weekend.  I was only in
Colorado for about 36 hours before I had to bail back to SC.  So I
know what is on store for someone who's far away.

It is what it is.  If you value the primary objective, it needs to be
central, whether that's convenient or not.  Moab, Indy, Yellowstone
just don't cut it.  Very cool places to go, but they'll likely cut
coastal attendance by half or more.

Just my 2 cents worth.


On 10/23/07, Ingo Rautenberg <ingo.rautenberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> I'm sending this to you on behalf of Scott Justusson (something
> having to do with dial-up problem at home):
> Gents:
> Although I can't seem to get Frappr to work, I have been watching
> with great interest the thread on an urq-fest for 2008.  As a
> participant and Eventmaster of several motorsports activities, I'll
> put in my .02 on what I've read to date.
> First on the agenda is picking a venue to have this gathering.  My
> own suggestion is that Indianapolis IN looks darn good for this type
> of Event.  First, it's a race town, has 2 tracks (Putnum and IMS), is
> car group friendly in all hosting respects, and is centrally located
> in the USA.
> I see the following priorities brought forth to date:  Roads,
> possible track venue, Roads, family interests, activities, and GTG.
> I'd personally add an autocross (in lieu of a track event), a show
> and shine, a couple road rallies, and a park ferme/BBQ.
> 1:   I'll address Roads and Spirited Driving on them.  IME, you
> gather more than a half dozen cars, you instantly gather attention of
> the local constables.  The most memorable was a Steamboat ACNA Event
> a few years ago where a 15 car train (led by the Eventmaster himself
> - not me) got busted by the local sheriff.  The aftermath of that was
> a statewide intense quattro hunt by the boys in blue.  So bad was
> this profiling, I actually took the audi badges off my car!  A more
> sane method is to make a road rally (rallies) in an area where
> hosting one isn't a hostile environment.  The good news here is that
> we can garner a couple of the Road Rallies already mapped in the Indy
> area.  And yes, there are good roads there, and many more within a 2
> hour drive south.  I see 2 or possibly even 3 rallies, Gimmick,
> Novice and Brisk TSD types.
> 2:  Track Events vs Autocross
> Adding a Track Event adds a huge dimension to a GTG.  I dare say we
> are mostly speaking to classic grand touring coupes that need to make
> it back to their respective home-20 under their own power.  I just
> don't see the interest developing in this (or the added expense being
> appealing), but I do see an Autocross having good promise and better
> turn out (including ladies and teen classes?).  Again, there is a
> venue available for this close to Indy, that is very reasonably priced.
> 3:  Also Ran I-5's
> Personal choice is that this is an urq gathering, plain and simple.
> Add all the I5's you change the flavor, and massively.  This isn't
> 'Waterfest', this is going after the urq specific to the Audi
> Marque.  Planned correctly, I would expect to see 100 urq's as
> maximum, and that's quite reasonable to handle without driving costs
> and logistics out of site.  There is no question in my mind that 100
> urq's within a city, will draw enough of an additional crowd.
> Accomodating overflow of enthusiasts is different than specifically
> including them.
> 4:  Multipe Venues
> That defines a GTG, and can be done.  I suggest that a 'National' UPG
> develop, and encourage regional fests at every opportunity.  A
> Midwest venue is appealing for a National Fest, West Coasters may
> have to Drive a day to hook up with the CO contingent, but desire is
> the what and how, not the where.  Bob, Ingo and I travelled to
> Monterey in the LT1Q in 99, and would do it again, it wasn't the
> where, it was just how we got there.
> 5:   Other activities.  In Indy, there is a great zoo, a good museum,
> IMS, and always some sort of Motorsport activity going on at the 2
> tracks.  There is camping, a lot of host eligible (and willing)
> Hotels.  I would think as a four day event (Thurs-Sunday), those
> flying solo could sneak out, and those torturing the family with the
> mistress we call quattro, aren't out too many vacation days.  Enough
> families come, we can make activities for them.  I've seen gimmick
> picture rally's that can involve you, the whole family and the car.
> 6:  Dates.  I suggest either early or late summer (june or august),
> as that should be the best chance of not too hot weather.
> In Summary:
> The UPG needs to happen, and we shouldn't be reinventing the wheel,
> or trying to force ourselves to think outside the purpose and
> intent.  The primary driving force should be the Urq, and family
> friendly surroundings to it.  My biggest advocation would be to make
> it something special the first time, affordable, interesting, and
> involving.  I've thoroughly enjoyed being Eventmaster for Gruppe-q
> Steamboat Ice Event for this very reason, and our urq count is higher
> than most ACNA track events.  I enjoy all my Audis, but the urq is
> still what drives my passion for the marque.  Celebrating that
> exclusively and in Grand Touring fashion, seems to be the best reason
> to consider a single and exclusive UPG for 2008.
> My .02
> Scott Justusson
> 84 RS2 Urq Project - Tornado
> 83 Urq - Amazon
> .5 x 83 Urq - Mars Steamboatq
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