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Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Tue Oct 23 12:43:34 PDT 2007


No I didn't misunderstand, I am not interested in anything else other than
meating other Ur-q owners and seeing all of these cars in one place.
Going for a small drive (since getting there is one in itself).  That's all.
Car events... I think there is enough of track days and other events
elswhere that we do not need it at a UPG event.

Just my personal opinion.
Martin Pajak


> Ingo Rautenberg
> Hmm.
> Martin,
> I think you misunderstand what Scott was pointing out.  Not Indy as
> in the race at Indy, but as a venue and one just for us Urq freaks.
> Totally just for us, including road rallies, autocross, fun get
> together.  No Outside race.
> Ingo
> On Oct 23, 2007, at 3:22 PM, Martin Pajak wrote:
>> Scott,
>> I have to disagree.. another event like Indy would just take away
>> from the
>> purpose of this gathering.
>> This is why I loved the events at Felixes.  A nice quiet venue with
>> no one
>> else around but Ur-quattro freaks.
>> One weekend is not a long time, especially if you have to drive all
>> the
>> way there.. to piggyback another event is just not worth it.  I
>> would not
>> be interested in anything else other than talking with the guys and
>> getting to know them as "friends" rather than pay attention to
>> something
>> else.
>> Don't get me wrong, Steamboat etc etc, those events have their time
>> and
>> place.  Us CDN guys do the Mosport weekend for the AMLS jsut to
>> have an
>> "excuse".  A UPG even should remain an Ur-q only event with no other
>> distructions.
>> Just my $0.02 CDN with is now on par with $0.02 US  :)
>> Regards
>> --
>> Martin Pajak
>> http://www.quattro.ca
>>> QSHIPQ at aol.com
>>> Ed:
>>> To a very seasoned choir you vainly attempt to preach,  my old
>>> friend!  I
>>> put
>>> on a Steamboat Ice Event in your state every  year for 6 years
>>> now, been
>>> going for 15, straight thru drive, and in the worst  quattro weather
>>> possible.
>>> That doesn't include the  events I saw you at, that you mention of 10
>>> years
>>> ago!  I  can't think of a better reason for a migration from the west
>>> coast than
>>> 25 years  of the urq being stateside.
>>> In asking folks for that commitment, 'what else can we do' is the
>>> *value*
>>> (excuse) of gathering these cars in one place.  I don't have to ask
>>> Justin
>>> Riley if he's going to Steamboat again this year from Orlando
>>> (2000 miles
>>> with
>>> the family 1 way), I just need to give him the dates.  I don't
>>> have to
>>> ask him
>>> if he'd make it to an ur-qfest in 2008, only when and where.  I
>>> say  you
>>> lose
>>> half or more of your participants anywhere USA if you give an  ur-
>>> qfest
>>> the
>>> impression that the only point is to gather these cars in one  place.
>>> Sell the value of the what and how, the value of the where will
>>> increase.
>>>  I
>>> advocate Indy because what else is available to car enthusiast
>>> groups
>>> can't
>>> have a better host city.  And, the value in the other  activities
>>> is that
>>> we
>>> don't have to originate logistics, venues and activities,  only
>>> edit/copy/edit/paste other successful events there.
>>> I am happy to volunteer being Eventmaster at an Indy venue, after
>>> Gruppe-q
>>> Steamboat 2008.  Jim, I didn't think twice about going to Monterey
>>> in 99,
>>> because it was 100 years of quattro.  25 years of urq, I'd do it
>>> tomorrow.   I
>>> say use a proven friendly car group venue  where help is a host
>>> city is
>>> constable tolerant, and the city amenities  seasoned and
>>> enthusiastic to
>>> the cause.
>>> IMO, that limits your  choices more than preconceived participant
>>> value.
>>> Cheers
>>> Scott Justusson
>>> In a message dated 10/23/2007 12:05:37 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
>>> ekellock at gmail.com writes:
>>> I don't  see Indianapolis as even remotely "centrally located".
>>> Hell,
>>> it's damn-near a 2-day drive from Denver.  That pretty much  excludes
>>> the west coasters.
>>> I really feel like far too much emphasis  is being placed on "what
>>> else
>>> we can do there".  The point is to  gather these cars in one place.
>>> I'm pretty well located for just about  any venue that is truly
>>> centrally located so I am only advocating locations  that seem to
>>> have
>>> the best possiblity of drawing the most cars from all of  North
>>> America.  It will be more of a hike for some, no matter where we  go.
>>> Ten years ago when we did the 2 Audifests, I lived in SC.  It  was 2
>>> long days driving for me each way.  We managed to have  various
>>> meet-ups along the way to the even which made the overall  experience
>>> that much better.   For the 1st one in '97 I had just  started a new
>>> job and could not take vacation.  Back then they still  ran the
>>> race on
>>> July 4th and it fell midweek so I had a long weekend.   I was only in
>>> Colorado for about 36 hours before I had to bail back to  SC.  So I
>>> know what is on store for someone who's far away.
>>> It  is what it is.  If you value the primary objective, it needs
>>> to  be
>>> central, whether that's convenient or not.  Moab, Indy,  Yellowstone
>>> just don't cut it.  Very cool places to go, but they'll  likely cut
>>> coastal attendance by half or more.
>>> Just my 2 cents  worth.
>>> Ed
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