[urq] UPG 2008 Planning

mike schowengerdt urdrquattro at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 23 14:59:46 PDT 2007

previous post was tongue-in-cheek as i'm sure you could tell  :-)
in all seriousness, after 35 years of service &repair of  audi-vw vehicles, one of the most interesting things is the diversity of the people that are bonded by the four rings and more specifically by quattro, especially those with roots back to the early years and the original urQ..........it keeps life interesting.........cars get boring sometimes due to the fact that there are really only two kinds, quattro and  not-quattro....long live urQ

mike  ( w/o buffalo,  w/'83 urQ awaiting 3B 20v on floor to jump in car)

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From: "Schaible, David" David.Schaible at jrspharma.com

Doc,   don’t know about your car……but I’ll race a buffalo herd any day…..if I’m racing for a pink, I should at least get a big ol slab of buff when I dust em ;-)…….
I’m not sure KC, MO accurate represents the vast surrounding areas……..but I’m glad you like it there……
nurseQ (in New Paltz , NY the “we marry homosexuals” city, and just about anything else you could imagine goes ok city) ’83 urq

From: mike schowengerdt [mailto:urdrquattro at yahoo.com] 

yea, and don't forget the possibility of your car being trampled into scrap metal by a stampeeding buffalo herd being stalked by native indians on the annual hunt..................???????         drQ  (in KC,MO)  '83urq

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From: " Schaible, David " David.Schaible at jrspharma.com

Good data.......however does not take into acct "the heartland" personality.....in NY, CT  martin can get pulled over and not even get a ticket.....in KS  him & Louis-Alain and anyone with long hair are goin' to gitmo...."indefinitely"

No way I'm going there.....i don't even want drive it again....but whatever, a three day trip maybe 4 is acceptable....but 5+ to see the few cars I haven’t seen yet??  It would have to be 95% + of all known urqs in NA to justify that.   My 0.02$ or 0.014€

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From: Ed Kellock [mailto:ekellock at gmail.com] 

I'm resending the info I posted about 6 weeks ago about distances from

various cities in North America ....

I just did a little map plotting of Mid America Motorplex in Pacific

Junction, IA (several miles south of Omaha ) and Heartland Park of

Topeka , KS .

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