[urq] EFI + MAC-14 maxing ataround 5k RPM

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No MAF is that what you mean - it is speed density.  There is a MAP sensor inside the
unit - probably not shown in the diagram.  You can change the MAP - I'm using 2.5 Bar
and will change to 3 bar at some point.


All you want to know about megasuirt can be found online:  http://msefi.com/


With this setup, you can basically run with no induction plumbing or air-filter directly
into the turbo.


Load is calculated based on Manifold Pressure and RPM and compensating factors
including, throttle position sensor (TPS), Intake Air Temp (IAT), Coolant Temp (CLT), O2
Sensor, and maybe a few others.


I am not sure if we have confirmed 100% on pulsewidth or 80%  - I'll find out later





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That wiring shows no MAP input to the MS unit.  Is that just missing from that diagram?
How is the software accounting for load?  It would appear that the system below just
uses TPS and RPM with 02 feedback loop.  With the MAP 'upgrade' you indicate having,
does load now include that input?  Can you change the load values of MAP?  My thinking
is that either the load signal is missing from the programming, or it's scaled to vacuum
only?  That would be consistent with injectors at WFO with a no load rev to 5krpm.


Rereading what you have done, I'd be looking at the MAP sensor for the MS unit and try
playing around with it's input a bit to see if you can get a change in your injector
readings.  I see no reason why you'd have 100% DC no load fuel injector DC, unless MS
isn't recognizing or calibrated to the MAP sensor correctly.


Scott J


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