[urq] Resolved! EFI + MAC-14 maxing ataround 5k RPM

Stephen Redford shr42 at msn.com
Tue Oct 30 04:46:28 PDT 2007

--------------  Congrats  on solving the problem s !!!   It must feel good to get over that hurdle,,   I now have to go to a third shop to try to get my megasquirt to work.   The second shop  can't get the coil to fire - they say no signal from the ecu...which is brand new the latest circuit board, etc.  They want to charge me $6K just to "rewire the engine" harness etc. which the first shop made a mess of (wires everywhere and lots of crimps instead of solder, etc.)... All that rewiring and they want to sell me another brand of ECU also.   The second shop had good intensions but just doesn't get it with megasquirt I guess...  I am happpy for you and  wish you more progress.   I am taking bets now , as to how much longer it will take to get my car running...  Except for a month or so, it has been in someones shop for about a yr. and a half.    Take care,       ...Stephen '85Urq mx with mc-1 head (but not installed with the "fix" which it was supposed to have been, and a not working megasquirt installation...

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  I don't know what to say about the plug and compression test - I knew I had some rich
  spots and under normal driving however the carbon would burn off as things are lean on
  cruise.  I did have some obvious things to address and some things I thought were off,
  leading a bit astray on diagnosis.  Also, it takes awhile to do certain things - it took
  me about a week to get the fuel pump issue straight and one does not always work on the
  same problem at a straight shot, in fact I was sidetracked for a few weeks while dealing
  with the car from Canada.  So yes, I probably should have checked them earlier, but it
  is always things are somewhat obvious after the fact.

  The engine still needs tuning, but I'm very pleased right now at how it is operating - a
  little surging on cruise=too lean and probably still too rich under high load and RPM.
  These I'll work out.

  Megasquirt has a lot of parameters to deal with, and right now even with being set for
  the wrong injector, other factors compensate making it run right.  I just need to get
  over the learning curve on it.


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  Great you sussed it, and now you have well deserved rocket ship that you 
  wanted. In the end it was very simple, but wouldn't an early check of 
  plugs lead you to same conclusion?
  Q: Could the injector timing be altered om MS, or just the amount?

  Ben Swann wrote:

  >Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions - even when I check things that aren't
  >related to the problem, I end up making them better in the process.

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