[urq] RE : 83 urq - my center air vent is broken, open close level is there but loop in flap is broken.

Andrée-Anne Bourgeois laraa at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 3 23:32:36 EDT 2007


You only need another center vent, no matter the year, and exchange the
flap. I did it on my brown 83 vent with a part from an 86 4000 black flap.
If concourse is your goal, just paint it :-)

The flap is somewhat flexible, not too difficult to remove, It is not
possible to turn it to the other side, however, it is not perfectly oval. In
fact, many years go, I removed all vents and washed them thoroughly in soapy

To remove the vent, there is 4 tabs that you must depress with 4 blade
screwdriver, or similar devices. You can remove the grille by just pulling
straight on it, it will make the removal of the vent easier.


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FIrst -- i think these center vents had some brown in
them until 1984 and then maybe became all black.  A
nice guy my sell me his center vent out of a 83 4k
4door.  I'll buy it if I can, but am I correct in that
I have to get these out of a pre-1984 car?  ETKA shows
same part # - on 1985 4k but not brown color (NLA
brown so dropped from ETKA?). 
Is the center vent hard to replace - as in dash

The left loop (to which the open close lever engages)
in the oval flap behind the vent is broken.  There is
by the way an identical loop on the right side.  This
oval flap I imagine is cannot be replaced without
cracking something.



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