[urq] 0-60 Magazine

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Sep 4 11:05:11 EDT 2007

Yeah I picked up a copy of 0-60 too.  I like it - hopefully they can
keep up the quality of the content.

But to set the record straight that is Bruce Bell's car. Brian (The
Editor in Chief) had contacted me at one point and asked me a question
about my car however nothing ever came of it - obviously.  Apparently he
got Bruce and I confused - Bruce...Brandon....both have Tornado Red '84s
in CO....  Oh well bummer for Bruce.  His car is obviously beautiful

So Mike did you keep the 3B IM?


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Great to see Brandon's ur-q featured in the first edition of 0-60
magazine, hopefully they will do a more in depth 
article on your car later?
Seems like a pretty good magazine and the editor who
hangs out on motorgeek seems like a great guy. And
a damn sight cheaper than EVO.
Martin and Craig helped get my '84 back on the road
a few weeks ago and I have been driving it a bit while
the "fettling" continues. I started converting it from 3B
to ADU+ two years ago and it has been very much 
worth the time and energy. RS2 MAF, injectors, exhaust 
cam, turbo, 944 turbo intercooler, coil-on-plug and some 
Pastore 370hp software. It's a lot of fun..... 
cheers, Mike
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