[urq] Too much Crankcase ventalation?

Mark R speedracer.mark at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 21:32:32 EDT 2007

For sure!  Great post on the specific model.  What a list!

Mark Rosenkrantz

On 9/4/07, QSHIPQ at aol.com <QSHIPQ at aol.com> wrote:

> But, as a  general rule,
> I run PCV closed loop whenever possible.  It's easy to run a  catch can,
> it's
> harder to design a proper sized PCV system.  In my opinion  catch cans are
> mostly used to avoid the harder design of doing it  properly.  Which means
> by
> definition a catch can would be catching more  than a properly designed
> closed
> loop PCV circuit.
> HTH and my .02
> Scott Justusson
> QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
> Chicago

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