[urq] Too much Crankcase ventalation?

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Thanks Scott,


This is helpful in furthering my understanding.  I thought I knew what a PVC
valve did and how the system functions - or is supposed to.  I think by the
end of this I'll really understand.  Until the next time that is.


So any recommendation on which valve to use - if you go to FLAPs there are at
least 50 different versions of valves and even more variation when you get
into model, port size and orientation.  Some are simple check valves and some
are apparently much more.


We have to presume that I no longer have the proper remnents of the UrQ setup,
and that the restriction would be significantly different.  I checked out the
early TQ implementation and it works because there is just a slight venture
vac. Used inside the metering box.  With speed density, no such port.





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I think there are some misunderstandings of how PCV works, and the risks and
benefits of a variable PCV valve closed loop system.  If I were looking to
modify PCV to be properly routed, the nicely designed ball valve used in the
toyota supra turbos is where I'd start my search.  For a good introduction
into how that valve works and some of the issues, take a gander thru this




I used this information as a guideline for PCV reroute and modification on my
supercharger addition to my landcruiser




Scott Justusson

In a message dated 9/5/2007 10:35:40 A.M. Central Daylight Time, Djdawson2


This is the same experience I've had.  Mine is a '93 UrS4 with an AAN, and
runs in the lower 12 second range as well.  Upon launch, oil goes
everywhere... typically 1/2 quart pushed out the breather on each run.  The
car isn't geared appropriately for the 1/4 mile, so I end up going through the
traps at over 8000 rpm.


During daily use, this is not ever an issue... but very annoying during a hard
launch on the street or track.





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