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Rob Pecsar rpecsar at pacbell.net
Thu Sep 6 01:47:02 EDT 2007

Hi, Dan.

We appreciate all your efforts to keep this site and lists alive and 

I can sniff around my work for a U1. Any other specs that are important?

Where are you living in CA?

San Diego

Dan Simoes wrote:

>I know I don't post here all that often these days, so some of you  
>may not even know me.  I run the site/lists.  I also shoulder all the  
>costs for doing so, offset by some minor advertising revenue, and  
>some contributions.
>I took over the list from the original founder, and have kept it  
>going continuously since 1993.  That's going on 14 years now.
>Over the years I've owned an Audi 90 (nonq), several 4000q, a  
>gorgeous CQ, and finally a green (cause they are so rare) 95 S6 Avant.
>Thankfully, Audi recognized all my efforts with a gorgeous S1 which I  
>keep at my summer home in Italy.  Yeah, right.
>Over the years, the list has "lived" at various of my employers, on a  
>variety of hardware.  About 2 years ago, I purchased a new server for  
>the site, and arranged for network and power (known as colocation) at  
>a community data center near Poughkeepsie NY.
>That data center is being shut down in a few weeks, so I am making  
>arrangements for a new location.  Since I now live in California, it  
>makes sense to find somewhere near here, in case I need to physically  
>touch the box.
>Although at times I think about just pulling the plug (especially  
>since I haven't owned an Audi in several years), I know there is a  
>lot of value here, and this is "home" to many of you.  So, I'm  
>committed to keeping it going.
>Our new data center requires a rackmount server, so I will be  
>building or buying a new machine for this purpose.  That server will  
>cost in the $600-800 range, conservatively.  Data center colo costs  
>will run only $50/mo, but even that is $600/year.
>So, those are the numbers.  Now, here's how you can help:
>- If you happen to have a 1U server sitting around, let me know.   
>Otherwise I will be building/buying one.
>- If you would like to contribute to offsetting these costs, you can  
>send me funds via paypal: http://www.audifans.com/about.php, or  
>direct to dans at audifans.com.
>- If you're going to buy something, visit the affiliate page I've  
>build at http://audifans.com/shop.  Yeah, it's ugly, but those little  
>commissions add up.
>- If you use the marketplace and are able to sell something, consider  
>sending a contribution.  In particular, dealers have been abusing the  
>marketplace, even when I reduced the "fee" to only $1/ad.  If  
>marketplace abuse continues, I will have to pull the plug or switch  
>it to moderated, but I don't have time to develop the code and the  
>guy who wrote it seems to have lost interest.
>As far as Audis go, I think the A3 is interesting but overpriced, and  
>not much else in the lineup interests me.  I still have a soft spot  
>for the urq and the 95.5 S6 Avant, and I think I might be able to  
>afford to buy (but not repair) an S8 one day :)
>In the meantime, I've been driving VW TDIs for the last few years,  
>and I look forward to seeing more diesels coming to the US in the  
>next couple of years.
>Back to work we go.  Thanks for reading.
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