[urq] My car will be 25 soon!

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
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That is to both you getting the car out and moving towards having a
_criveable_ uuq and a BIG UPG.  Let's do it.  

I used to say I thought it would be great to do a big UPG to coincide
with F1 at Indy - central location etc, - but now F1 is gone from Indy -
for '08 at least.  But I still think a good midwest town would be the
place - maybe someplace somewhat northern for cooler temps and good fun
rural drives.  Yes it will be a long drive for some folks - but you know
what - that's half the fun!  These cars were designed to run the open
road - not poke around in traffic.  

Let's keep the conversation going and do something.


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Well, I can now say that DA222 is out of the garage!  This doesn't mean
that it is all up and running again, but the process to get to that
level is now started ... 

Lately I've realized that I just can't free up enough time to do the big
jobs on my cars any more ... even after being out of work for 4 months
I'm still finding that I only have time for moderate tasks and below.
For that reason, and for the reason that I need to have working cars in
the driveway, I started taking the family cars to John Brasil's shop
here in San Jose. The straw that broke the camel's back was when an
almost brand new clutch went out on one of the V8s.  A couple weeks ago
I had the other V8 in to John to fix up the front suspension bushings
and such.  Whenever he talks to me he always bugs me to have him work on
the urq.  I finally realized that the car is wasting away in the garage
and I just need to have him take care of it.  It really shouldn't be a
lot of work ... the clutch release mechanism has failed in some odd way,
and I broke the Woodruff key on the cam when I was troubleshooting what
I believe is a broken valve spring ... but I still have a head ready to
go on the bench.  I just need to be careful to avoid "feature creep" ...
;-)  Gawd, now would be a good time to drop an MC-2 in there ... ;-)

So anyway ... I've been working to get the clutter away from the car so
I can roll it out onto the driveway ... and today the car is sitting in
the driveway.  I got a chance to clean it up before the sun went down
... and while I was washing it I realized that with the 2008 model year,
the urq in the USA will be 25 years old.  I guess there've already been
a bunch of 25th anniversary celebrations for the "quattro" ... but why
not more?  Has there been any talk of UPG events for the coming year?
Should we talk about trying to make a "main event" at some central
location this year?  

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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