[urq] ADMIN: list server move and expenses

urq urq at pacbell.net
Thu Sep 6 00:31:35 EDT 2007

... it also seems to me that there are those folks who are vendors who may
not particularly advertise on the list, but clearly benefit from the
existence of the audifans web presence ... and those of us to use their
services might well indicate that their business is due in part to the
existence of the audifans ...

Dan, a long time ago you offered e-mail hosting on audifans ... is that
still a possibility?  That might be a way to develop an income to cover
recurring costs ... 

It seems crazy to think that a community this large would not have some
value ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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- If you would like to contribute to offsetting these costs, you can  
send me funds via paypal: http://www.audifans.com/about.php, or  
direct to dans at audifans.com.

- If you're going to buy something, visit the affiliate page I've  
build at http://audifans.com/shop.  Yeah, it's ugly, but those little  
commissions add up.

- If you use the marketplace and are able to sell something, consider  
sending a contribution.  In particular, dealers have been abusing the  
marketplace, even when I reduced the "fee" to only $1/ad.  If  
marketplace abuse continues, I will have to pull the plug or switch  
it to moderated, but I don't have time to develop the code and the  
guy who wrote it seems to have lost interest.

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