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Claus Vegener vegener at post7.tele.dk
Sat Sep 8 12:23:09 PDT 2007

The Norwegian project is a mechanical lifter. Mine is the standard 20V 3B hydraulic.
I have the windage tray from S6/RS2 yes.
Problems is only at high rev.
I don't know if the oil is from the pump / hydraulic lifters or forced up from bottom ?
Just look into the valve cover - and big surprise - the tooth wheel  for the distributor was in the corner. Cam axel broken.
(I don't use it and not a hall signal either as I run wasted spark - firing at both compression stroke and exhaust stroke)

I have just made a test drive with only a few high revs - and nothing in the catch tank 
but I have blown a seal to the valve cover - I think. 
Have not investigated yet. But lot of oil at the exhaust ! The catchtank have been moved to the cold side
to prevent this burning oil --- 


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  Sounds like a cool audisportlike project!  Is this a mechanical lifter or hydraulic lifter engine?  Does it have the windage tray out of the AAN?  Is the crank knife-edged?  Something doesn't sound right, if there's that much oil in the head, there's that much less in the crankcase!  It appears you believe that this is due to the 7k rpm redline?  Or...?

  My own thinking is there is a lot of oil spraying around in that head, no different than the 10vt.  However, the 10vt has a lower splash shield (hence the double wall design) that would take almost any amount of spray from the head without injesting oil.  Interesting a step back in design of the valve cover with a step forward in dohc, exhaust manifolds, water cooling, etc...  I'm convinced that PCV is one of the first places cost is cut by the bean counters.  Here, the original design is a problem in a bone stock motor on the v8 and S cars....  When I look at how my DOHC 4.5L I6 toyota *truck* motor deals with PCV (including a perforated anti-slosh 'box' where the PCV valve plugs in), the audi compromises here couldn't be more obvious.

  JNR (tm- Paul K)

  Scott J

  In a message dated 9/6/2007 5:17:55 P.M. Central Daylight Time, vegener at post7.tele.dk writes:
    Scott and Dave
    I have a friend in Norway doing 1000Hp on a 92 S2.
    Testing in a dyno shows, that at high rpm the valvecover gets full of oil in seconds so they plan to add an extra drain from the valve cover.
    My experience is the same. My Vortex air/oil separator have no air to handle - it is full oil going through > 7000 rpm.
    So what I do now is to establish the original oil drain to the pan with a 3/8" = 16 mm braided hose and T-in my breather hole from the upper back of valvecover to the same line.
    A new breather hole is made close to the cap (so that is close to the middle) connected to the Vortex; oil outlet from that of course to the pan and oil mist outlet 
    through the standard PCV valve from my 3B and furter on  to the coke bottle (catch can).
    The engine is placed at a little slope in the car and doing max. accelerations it definitely slosh oil backwards.
    Forward is not the problem, as I have not enhanced the brakes yet :-) 
    In some days I will know if it works -

    Glad to se the explanation of the vacum line from the iglo at the 10V. I had wondered why - but not my problem anymore.


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