[urq] RE : Audi A3

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 10 10:28:51 EDT 2007

Funny John, I said that a few years ago, that the DSG was not what I was
expecting (PDK-like fast gear changes) and I got flamed, but by people that
didn't drive it yet !


Anyway, I agree that the DSG is more like a traditional auto in its
behaviour, but with the efficiency of a manual. No torque converter losses.


This spring I drove a few of them, and you are right that the clutch
engagement is triggered by the brake pedal. So you must keep your foot in it
when stopped. As a side note, I played with the car a bit, and it was fun to
release the brake pedal, but to block the wheels with the hand brake; then,
the DSG would engage the clutch for a few seconds, the car wouldn't move,
then disengage it to prevent too much slippage. Clearly, the handbrake is
not a factor for the DSG ECU.


Conclusion for Tony: go DSG only if you must, because nothing replaces a
manual for the driving pleasure and involvement.






> -----Message d'origine-----


> I've only driven one, an Eos with DSG, but in my humble opinion it's not

> all it could be.

> When the rumors were first circulating about DSG, I was hoping that it was

> just a

> dual-clutch manual trans. (which it is) with paddle shift, etc., that

> would offer easier,

> faster shifting, like its grandfather, the factory's PDK transmission from

> the old rally

> days.


> In actual implementation , it's really more like an automatic that you can

> shift, albeit a

> big step ahead of Tiptronic, et al.  I think it was even necessary to keep

> my foot on the

> brake when stopped (red lights, etc.), although I can't swear to it.  If

> you're the kind

> of person who likes a manual for its fundamental driving pleasure, I'd

> stick with the

> 6-spd.  If, on the other hand, you have a need for auto. functionality

> (bad knees, spouse

> who hates manuals, personal preference, etc.), it's a great alternative to

> an ordinary

> automatic.


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