[urq] Somewhat NAC, but relevant - where to get a wireless serial cable - huh?

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Mon Sep 10 10:56:09 PDT 2007

Part of what I’m trying to do is reduce clutter and save space – all this is
going in my glove box and at some point to be hidden completely away –
out-of-sight.  Getting rid of the attachment cable would be ideal as then I
can move my laptop around without yanking the wire or putting stress on the

Extra PC and remote control are really not-necessary.  I don’t see the
practicality of using a remote PC to tune the car  - that is done either on a
dyno (no I don’t have one either) or riding shotgun  and programming while
someone drives (what I’m doing until I am ready for a dyno).  I can collect
the data logs for analysis on my laptop and transmit to server via wireless
network that covers my property, so no problem transferring files, etc.  

This would work fine for 034EFI and other – Haltech, DFI, etc.  They use the
same DB9 connection AFAIK.  So it would be nice to have this “wireless cable”.
I just think I have better use for $200, and can apply that to..OK - where
this is going

At some point in the unforeseeable future I was going to broach the NAC/issues
of installing onboard computer system with mini-screen, ergonomic controls, to
be used for all sort of functions – Virtual Dashboard, diagnostics, GPS, and
of-course entertainment.  I know they got this in all the new cars now.  But
is not as cool as doing it in the classic quattro!   This is all beyond scope
and budget of trying to install and tune my EFI system, but since this was
headed there – bring it on!


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Compared to the cost of much goodies for the beloved car, an extra laptop 
could be an option 650$ and using a program like PC Anywhere, NetOp etc where
you have the screen of 
another computer at you own computer. Works through the Internet. May be
Bluetooth or IR. Two  cellular phones could do this job.
I could want to use it for my 034EFI too - Claus]

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